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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
                                                                     – Frederick Douglass

The aim of STEP

STEP (Sustainable Tribal Education Program), a community program, has the main goal to rescue children in Tribal Areas, around Jamunamarathur (Jawadhu Hills), at 75 km North-west of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.

This Tribal area is notorious for child trafficking and a big lack in the education system: no schools or teachers were available before our arrival in the area. Many child labour brokers and traffickers come to this area to convince or force families to send their children to work for them; many of them are involved in working in bamboo forests in Kerala, or in mine industry in Karnataka.
The problems of the area are many and children are often not able to grow-up with all rights ensured.

The focus of STEP is to bring education to children in Tribal areas, allowing them to go to schools and having good teachers; in this way, all children of the area will be protected from trafficking and child labour.

STEP (January 2024)



Total beneficiaries 144 so far

STEP EDP J.Hills (January 2024)



Our intervention starts from educating the parents and the community about child exploitation, abuse and trafficking. Furthermore, we pay educational fees for children, we send some of them in private or governmental schools.
What we would like to ensure is that each child of the area will have the right to a proper education: going to school, studying and becoming an adult with proper rights.