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Sports 14.07.2016 to 17.07.2016

“Sports 14.07.2016 to 17.07.2016”

Our children are in need of care and protection. More extracurricular activities was created  for the children such as Yoga, Karathe – to expose their talents and inner feelings. As part of that Basket ball was launched in the year……. for their children Social Development

Basket ball brings about social change through the use of sports. Basket ball refers to the physical activity and development of the individual, health, social, and economic benefits. Basket ball is used as a tool for peace and development. Basket ball helps children to learn lifelong skills and to improve their personality. It  is used as a tool to reach personal and community goals. Basket ball activity brings the underprivileged children in unity and creates confidence to reach their goal in their life. With the collaboration of the Basket association, our team with 12 children won the State Level Basket Ball meet  in Aranthangi. Around 27 teams participated in the State Level meet from 14.07.2016 to 17.07.2016. Among 27 team, our Tdh team stance in 4th place among 27 teams. Our Basket ball team participated in various Zonal and District level meets.