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“Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world.”
                                                                                                                   – Brooke Randolph

Help Pushpam Children

The society surrounding us can be hard to face when violence and evil spreads. Children have the right to be happy, to play with peers, to practise some sports, to have fun and to receive love. Pushpam home turns all these ideas into reality.

It welcomes:

• orphans
• abandoned children
• girls who have been sexually, mentally and/or physically abused

Pushpam is our first project ever: the first children we rescued in 1994, found home here. This Home has opened the door of happiness to many girls of different age, offering the possibility to live the childhood in an edifying way, surrounded by many sisters and by people who know how to take care of them.

PUSHPAM HOME (March 2022)



Total Beneficiaries so far 180 children (March 2006 to Feb 2022)

All the children in the house can play basketball or football, practice yoga or karate, and they  also love very much dancing and singing together.

The opportunities that this project gives to these children are extraordinarily precious: the home gathers girls under its shelter in a natural and lovely way, not just giving food and accommodation, but teaching them what means to be loved.

The story of Neela*

Neela, 13 years old, shiny eyes and a sweet smile introduce herself. But her past has been anything but easy. When she was only 8 years old, one day, at the school exit, 5 men kidnapped and raped her.

She wasn’t able to tell the horrible story to anyone, but her smaller sister saw while they were bringing her away at the school exit, so this little girl revealed everything to their parents who called our Childline 1098. At that moment the rescuing of the child started. During the following days, Neela had strong stomach pain and, at the hospital, the doctor confirmed she was brutally sexually abused. What we discovered was that sexual abuse was an act of revenge against her family made by one other family of the same village in Tiruvannamalai. 

In Pushpam, Neela is safe. Everyone is giving her a lot of love and affection, care and protection. She is doing psychological therapy to recover from the terrible trauma.

*Neela is not the real name and the photo of the girl is not displayable, for privacy reason.