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A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. (Eda J. Le Shan)

Our Kids Home was inaugurated in May 2018, in order to gather the littlest kids, up to 5 years old. Everyday they bring joy and happiness around, with their toys and their laughs. Thanks to this project they have the possibility to live their infancy at the fullest, surrounded by peers and adults. When kids are very small it could be easier for them to forget about their terrifying past and start again, in the right place.

Kids Home offers them shelter and protection, which means a safe place to stay, trained figures which take care of them, a welcoming environment and a place where playing together. Kids Home offers even health care to kids, which means the continuous availability of a nurse, a robust medical assistance, safe food and safe water. The Project offers them the things they need, toys, nice beds, school bags and educational materials.




Abandoned children
Victims of child begging
HIV infected kids
Sexually, physically and/or mentally abused


Kids Home encloses dramatic stories, stories of abandoned children, which sometimes were completely alone because the both parents died.
Child begging is a wide spread issue in the area of Tiruvannamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu, and Terre Des Hommes Core is having a leading role in the fight against this terrible phenomena. Child Begging hurts the psychological wellbeing and stability of many kids.
Little kids can be used as medium to get money, laying in the arms of their mother. In some cases they could be forced to assume drugs receiving physical offences to attract more the attention of the passers-by. How painful can it be for them to be forced to do something non-natural, something against their dignity?How easy can it be for them to transfer all the cruelty and the sufferings they lived, to the future generation?.
Child beggars suffer tremendously, they can be victims of psychological instability, their identity could be damaged forever and the process of rehabilitation is very hard. Our duty is to re-give them their own childhood, of which they were subtracted.
Bavani and Devi are two out of 8 brothers and sisters. They were child beggars, living in the street and fortunately they have been rescued from us.
As soon as Devi and Bavani have been rescued, they lived for the first period in the Reception Home, where they were still scared and terrified and didn’t manage to interact with the others, they were just isolating themselves, sheltering under their own arms: their face still reflected the past sufferance. Right after the inauguration of the KIDS HOME they moved there and their scared faced turned fortunately in a smiling and happy one, we are proud to say that we changed their life.

“Don’t hit me, dad ! “

Bavani and Devi are two out of eight sons. We found them while they were begging on the street, asking for money. They were forced everyday by their parents to complain, laying on the street in order to attract the attention of the passers-by. They were hit by their dad, in order to attract more money showing their injuries or scares. As soon as we rescued them, Bavani used to cry all day long and refused even to eat. Devi was more quite than her sister, but didn’t speak with anyone and both had a scared face.
One day our volunteer tried to play with her, and while he was throwing the ball his arms were up. Devi, looking at the arms up, started crying and screaming and she suddenly run away, while she was covering her face with her arms.
Let’s save the life of them as the one of children who are victims of sexual, psychological and mental abuses.