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Our vocational training programs were started for our teenage boys and girls, who for various reasons are not able to study for higher education. Many of these children enrolled in training have mental and physical disabilities. We started vocational training to equip these children with skills and professions for their economic independence and livelihood

MDM Skill Training Programme


MDM Skill Training was initiated in 1st January of  2015 to create opportunities, Space, scope for the developments of talents of the poor children from villages and school dropout children. Those who are unable to beat in education. This MDM Skill Training aims at providing training and skill development of opening the door for the needy children from every villages.

Now a days there is high demand for electrical and Plumping work in town and cities. If these vulnerable children came out with proper training. More job opportunities are there at their door step to become economically independent.

Courses Offered

Electrician           –   1 Year Course
Plumping          –  1 Year Coure
Features of MDM Skill Training

  1. The emphasis is to improve their skill and to get employment opportunities and improve their entrepreneurship.
  2. Providing training and support in electrical work and plumping works.
  3. The training programme lines within one year training programme. After the training approved certificates are issued to the Trainees for their placement.
  4. Need based training for their life survival is given such as like language, Communication skills, Personality developments skills, Behaviour skills and employability skills.
  5. Lets us all join together to give life and path way for the poor drop out children from school and to become economically independent through MDM Skill Training.

Bakery Training Centre


Bakery Training Centre is created for our children home Children. Baking is an art which does not need a lot of heavy infrastructure and one can easily start earning with a small unit at home. It is a great delight to be able to bake delicious cakes and pastries. All it needs is a bit of skill and training to be able to do this. After going through this course, the Vulnerable group of Children will be able to develop their skills in various baking procedures, know various kinds of ingredients used in baking,have working knowledge of equipments needed for baking to start a small bakery unit at home. It helps the children to become economically independent which creates confidence in their life. They offer opportunities for the vulnerable group of children to earn a decent livable wage.

Tassar Silk


Tassar Skill yarn and weaving training centre fully run with the differently abled. Silk is a fibrous substance produced by many insects principally in the form of a cocoon or covering within which the creature is enclosed and protected during the period of its principal transformation. The person with differently able are working in this unit of producing tassar silk. This shows their abilities and condifidene to lead their of their own with their wage. Today silk is not just restricted to saris. A wide range of ladies and mens wear like duppattas, garments, fabrics, caps, handkerchiefs, Scarves, dhotis, turban,s hawls, ghagras or lehengas , bed covers, cushions, curtains are made of skill.

Margheite – organic and Diaryfarm training centre

Margheite organic and Diary farm training centre is created for the vulnerable group of children to work and live economically independent. The main purpose of organic farming makes use of pesticides and fertilizers if they are considered natural and avoids the use of various petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. It relies on ecologically balanced agricultural principles like crop rotation, green manure, organic waste, biological pest control, mineral and rock additives.

A dairy farmer manages dairy cows and milking operations to ensure maximum milk production. Typical responsibilities include monitoring the health of the cows, administering medication, feeding, using milking equipment, managing the herd and managing waste.

Tailoring and embroidery Training Centre

Tailoring and embroidery Training centre is created for the needy children in need of care and Protection. It is a Practical action work on livelihood diversification includes training in off-farm activities. This includes tailoring and embroidery as alternative sources of income that can be full time or part time activities. These skills can also be used at different vacations and become  independent in their life survival.