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Mobility Research Center

“Lightening of the physically challenged children”
   is the motto of Mobility Research Centre

In Mobility Research Centre the aim is to build bicycles for disabled and needy people in the society. The specialty of this centre is that the staff is formed by the children with disabilities who have finished their special-school path, who become able to do things by their own, starting being staff in Mobility Research Centre. Also get stipend for their role, which is helpful to run their life independently.

The centre offers trainings to disabled children after they finish special school path in order to become technicians in Mobility Centre. The majority of the staff in the centre attended our Special Schools or came from a community-based rehabilitation program.

Thanks to these special bicycles, many children freely move without depend on anyone, in this way they can continue their studies until their degree course.

The special bicycles are used also for inclusive education and athletics: children are able to play football games thanks to their special bicycles that allow them to move properly.




Total No.of Beneficiaries 56 so far

The story of Elumalai

mobility research centre

The story of Elumalai: from child in our centre to our staff member as special educator in Early Intervention Centre thanks to Mobility Research Centre financing!

“My mom is the only one who cared our family including me and my five sisters. When I was ten months old baby, I suffered from polio attack and I lost my ability to walk. But I continued my studies in Government School in Tiruvannamalai with lot of difficulties and pain in both physical and mental level. On 2005, TDH CORE field staff of Mobility Research Centre found me in our school and started to help me by giving me a very big support.

At the beginning the Mobility Centre gave me a special cycle to make me freely move. Later, they continued to give me the financial support for all the educational needs until I got my Diploma course in Special Education for disabled children.

The support from TDH CORE gave me the strength to believe in myself. At the present, I am working as special educator in Early Invention Centre. I got married with a girl who I love and we have 2 children. Now I am happily living with my family without depending anyone.

I give my heartfelt thanks to TDH CORE that made my life worthy to be lived.”