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MDM Children’s Village

(A family for underprivileged children — parentless, homeless, abandoned, street children)

“Every Child deserves a safe, loving permanent home. That’s basic human need” 

MDM Children’s Village Home was established on 6 November 2000 in Tiruvannamalai by Mr. Carlo Crocco (founder of Hublot-Swiss Watches) to provide a family type of environment for hundreds of underprivileged children. The aim of the Children’s Village is to provide for the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral development of the children through a child-friendly, approach, environment, treatment and atmosphere. MDM Children’s Village fulfills all the requirements of the Government of Tamil Nadu to operate the Home under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000.



The MDM Children’s Village is unisex (both girls and boys) from the ages of 6–10 years and 11–18 years, housed separately in three houses for boys and girls and who are taken care of by a house mother and a care taker, in a joint family setup. The food menu is created by the children and provided to them as per  Government norms. Their educational needs are addressed by a professional teacher and regular health monitoring is taken care of by a part time nurse (health worker. Various recreational activities are arranged with specialised part time staff, and their emotional and psychological support is taken care of by a residential professional social worker with a masters degree qualification. Safety and garden maintenance is addressed by an employed watchman.


From 2000, the total enrolment in MDM Children’s Village was 137 children so far.  Of these, 90 children have been restored to their parents, completed their education or transferred to the MDM Boys Home etc-5 girls are supported in achieving their higher education, Pattu, Preethy, Barathy and Mohanalakshmi are studying Fine Arts and Bavani is studying for a Diploma.  Presently 49 children are in the Children’s Village, consisting of 21 girls and 28 boys.

The children live in three well equipped houses surrounded by a beautiful natural environment with a play area and a big garden consisting of many varieties of trees. The houses are furnished with adequate and appropriate facilities including, protected and treated drinking water, adequate water for bathing and other uses, a solar water heater, washing machine, uninterrupted power supply, a play area with a slide, swing, see-saw, indoor and outdoor game equipment, television, audio player, a library for the small children, bicycles etc.

As India is a secular country, so too is MDM Children’s Village, and all the important festivals are celebrated equally in a traditional manner. Every year the children are provided with three sets of festival clothing and two sets of casual wear, apart from their uniforms.  The children are also provided with an ample choice of extracurricular activities. The common weekend activities to develop their skills are Karate, Yoga, Classical Dance, Sports (Athletics), Basketball, computers, sewing and handicrafts etc. Apart from this, the children are provided with a chance to take part in their school cultural, skill development activities, such as music instruments, drawing/art, and using an abacus for mathematics and calculation skill development etc..