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MDM Homes for Boys

“Every Child deserves a safe, loving permanent home. That’s basic human need.”
                                                                                                              – Unknown










“MDM” comes from french language and means Main Dans la Main (in English “Hand in Hand”). MDM is the name of the Swiss Foundation that sponsor the homes for boys of Tdh CORE.

The MDM homes are a family for underprivileged children: parentless, homeless, abandoned, street children. All of them are boys and the main reason is to protect them from child labour, furnishing to them the opportunity to have the right to education and a better future.
The Boys Homes have been created to provide independence and privacy to children and adolescent boys, in need of care and support.
We provide for them a physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral development through a child-friendly environment, treatment and atmosphere.
Various recreational activities are arranged with specialised staff. The emotional and psychological needs are supported by professional, social workers.

Why one of the homes is in Vellore.


The city of Vellore is known for serious problems such as child trafficking, labour, exploitation and street children. One reason for the high-rate of street children is due to Vellore location as a railway junction. Besides, as the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh is only 40 km from Vellore, many children are trafficked to Vellore to work and begging. Vellore district is also among one of the highest Beedi (country cigarettes) manufacturing areas in India, and many children are involved in this cottage industry, which is one of the main forms of employment in Vellore.
As Tdh CORE Trust works for the welfare of needy children and to ensure child rights, its presence in Vellore is more than necessary.