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Educational Sponsorship Programme

‘‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.’’
                                                                                           – Nelson Mandela

ESP – Educational Sponsorship Programme – is an on-field project with the aim to bring door-to-door development and education to poor families in villages and remote areas. Everything started on 1994, when Tdh Core identified 12 children suffering because having no father. Father is the main bread-winner in each family in India and many families in the area had 5 to 6 children with no father. This means a very big economical challenge for them, struggling between life and death and very often this situation oblige children to work from a very early age. So, the project started bringing all these children to school, giving them a right education and helping the family to live a proper life.

Tdh Core fights every day for the right of education because every child deserves dignity and should grow up with the opportunity to be independent.

Currently we are giving direct support to:




The total number of Beneficiaries 367 (Childhood to adult) so far.

Direct Beneficiaries of ESP:

Orphaned Children
Abandoned children
Rescued from child labor
Children with single parents
Socially deprived children and those in poor economic conditions

How we directly support:

1. Providing educational support: giving them school fees, education materials, school uniforms, school shoes.
2. Providing basic needs: like dry rations (e.g. food such as rice, wheat, lentils, etc.), personal hygienic things (e.g. toothbrush, soaps, sanitary napkin etc.), medical support (e.g. medicines, doctor consultation, etc.) to all the children and family members.
3. Furnishing family development instruments: such as providing cows to the families that can allow them to be economically independent.
4. Providing special coaching classes for children: that includes additional knowledge about school subjects, extracurricular activities like sports, social activities like National Credit Corps and value-adding courses like typewriting and shorthand.


The story of Amutha: from our beneficiary to social operator in our projects

Help Chidren

Amudha, actually the Program Director in Child Line Special School – Tdh CORE, when she was a child was a beneficiary of ESP Project. She is telling about herself:

“It’s very proud to say that “I am the child of ESP” and I’m feeling heartfelt thankful to TDH CORE. When I was 4 years old my father attempted suicide and died. My family was composed by my mom and my 4 sisters: three elders and one younger. We felt abandoned and we started to struggle to get even our daily needs. So my mother started to go to daily work to fulfil our hunger but it was not enough to continue our studies.

When TDH CORE  knew about our family, they fight to brought me up to continue my studies until my Diploma in Special Education. I can take care of my whole family without depending on anyone and I am very proud to serve the Special children as Program Director in Child Line Special School.

I am always thanking to TDH CORE to made me independent and victorious.”