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“Individually we are one drop. Together, we are one ocean.”
                                                                 – Ryunosuke Satoro

What does “Alaigal” mean?

“Alaigal” in the Tamil language means “waves” and it represents the aspiration of the project to bring waves of change for girls in need. Furthermore, this is also the name to the Alaigal Association (Zurich) which sponsors all the Alaigal homes of Tdh CORE.

Alaigal home was established on 13th June 2002 with the aim to host girls who have been sexually or physically abused or rescued from child labour and slavery. This safe shelter for young girls allows them to grow up easily, having a peaceful childhood and a happy daily life. Here girls can gain again the right to have a dignity and to be appreciated by others.

ALAIGAL HOME(Present Data)



Total Beneficiaries so far 442 children

Alaigal Home is composed by four houses, each one has a loving “Mother”, called “Mami”, a cooker, a nurse, a counsellor, who give to children psychological support, and an “In-Charge”, who run the house and have the total responsibility of it. Currently, Alaigal hosts 129 girls, each of them can receive a proper education, health assistance, proper healthy food and, most important, love.

Sheela* story: from the hell, the light came back to shine

“The body freezes, I feel like dying.

Sheela didn’t dare to tell anybody what was happening to her when she was sexually abused for the first time, at the age of 13, by her aunt’s friend. She has no mother and her father has a very bad situation so she grew up with her father’s sister, her aunt, who shockingly agreed with the abuse. But the story takes an even more dramatic turn. Sheela after a year from the terrible trauma was abused by 5 men together: the aunt again was in on it.
But this time was different. She found the courage to denounce everything that happened and in this way, her life changed forever. She has been living in our Alaigal home for years and now she’s 18 and she is very happy about her life. She is about to graduate in Terre des Hommes CORE School as a special educator for children who have mental and physical disabilities.

“I am so happy I will work for these children with these big problems: it gives me the strength and the immense pleasure to not think during those moments, to forget everything.

*Sheela is not the real name and the photo of the girl is not displayable, for privacy reason.