Rehabilitation Programs

Community based disabled rehabilitation programs are one of our pioneer activities. Tdh Core initiated the CBDR program in 1998, in a few villages of Thandrampattu block, and later extended the program to the entire 47 villages of Thandrampattu block, with the main objective to rehabilitate children with disabilities and to give them the possibility to live as close as possible to a normal life.

From March 2011, under “VAZHI KATTUM THITTAM” (Showing the Way) by the Department of Differently Abled Welfare, of the Government of Tamil Nadu, we extended our work to 160 villages of Thandrampattu, Tiruvannamalai and Chengam blocks.

Community participation is the best form of sustainable development for children with disabilities in the village. Envisioning this, Tdh Core has sensitized 160 village communities, to extend their support for their “special needs children”. In doing so, we have chosen one volunteer in each village, either a person with disabilities or a mother with a disabled child, and have given them appropriate training and techniques in identifying early childhood disabilities and implementing the rehabilitation process for the disabled through various possible resources. like Government welfare schemes, referral services through various NGOs etc.

Tdh Core provides the following resources :Tdh Core provides the following resources :

  • Surgical intervention for children with disabilities.
  • Orthopaedic assistive devices like calipers (leg braces), crutches, artificial limbs and walkers, for children with orthopedic disabilities.
  • Tricycles and wheelchairs are provided through our “Mobility Field Research Center” for children who require such devices.
  • Therapy and Skill Training is provided to the children with cerebral palsy and to children with mental disabilities through our Linkage Programs – Early Intervention Center, Lifeline Special School and Childline Special School.
  • Home based therapy is provided to the severely disabled children through our “Flying Children Service” Program.