“Behold, Children are a Heritage from the Lord, The Fruit of the Womb, A Reward”

- Psalm 127:3

PUSPAM Home (‘PUSPAM’ means flower) is the first initiative started by Terre des hommes CORE Trust in March 1995 in a rented building in Tiruvannamalai. It provides food, shelter, education, treatment andn affection to children coming from various difficult situations including disabled children and children who are parentless or abandoned.



Many difficulties and inequality is faced by disabled children in particular. It is evident that there is an inability to ensure that children with disabilities receive effective educational services, resulting in their exclusion and dependency. The net result is that individuals with disabilities and their families live in poverty, and in many cases, the most profound levels of poverty. Figures show, that the enrolment ratio of disabled boys is higher than girls in schools. In particular, disabled girls living in rural areas are even more disadvantaged. The Home aims to resolve such inequalities and to provide children with a home, while facilitating access to education and other resources for girls with disabilities and disabled children from rural and remote areas. The children of the Home are provided with the latest technical support, special equipment and access to specialist training.

From establishment until now the total enrollment in the Home is 120 children. From these, 71 children successfully restored to the community, many of them have completed their studies and have been reunited in their communities.