Life Line Special School

(for mentally retarded children and children with cerebral palsy)

When Terre des hommes Core started its activities in 1997 for the disabled in Thandrampattu block, Tiruvannamalai District. We came across many children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation. In these rural villages the children with disabilities are uncared for and neglected.

Children with CP/MR in urban cities have easy access to special education and therapy. It is difficult to find rural children undergoing medical therapy. When Tdh Core saw this pathetic situation, we wanted to create a change. This motivated us to create a Life Line Special School For the children with Intellectually Challengers and children with cerebral palsy)

‘What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me'

in June 1997 for rural children.



Since 1997, there are 101 children under the umbrella of the Life Line Special School. Out of these, 52 children were reintegrated into their families and 10 children are working for a daily wage.  There is presently 39 children in Special School (24 boys and 15 girls. These children are picked up 6 days a week by our school bus from the villages and brought to our school in Thandrampattu village were they are regularly receiving special education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and daily living activities from our specialised therapists and teachers. Children who are capable are also getting vocational training at our school.

As an answer to the growing number of children with disabilities found in Thandrampattu block, we started two sub centres, one in Narayana Kuppam village and one in Thanipadi village. In each centre we have 20 children.

Lifeline Special School provides uniforms, transportation, food, therapy and special education, free of cost. Our Lifeline Special School is registered under the State Commissioner of Differently Abled Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.