Educational Sponsorship Programme

‘‘Education is the most powerful weapon we  can use to change the world’’

– Nelson Mandela

The pioneer programme of the Terre des hommes CORE Trust was the Educational Sponsorship Programme which helps underprivileged children by providing them with access to education. Knowledge is the key resource of global competitiveness and the education of one woman can bring about a change in the circumstances of a family and even of society as a whole. A person who receives an education is not only gaining something personally, but is also contributing to the growth of the nation. Tdh Core realised the importance of education and the collective aim to ensure that each citizen of our nation has the opportunity of an education and to be independent.



In 1991, as 48 percent of the total population of India was illiterate, to improve the education system the Government and welfare organisations took a number of initiatives to improve and develop the educational status of children. Tdh Core began by supporting children suffering from various family difficulties, for example, children with single parents, rescued from child labour / bonded labour, socially deprived children and those in poor economic conditions. Since starting this programme, 700 children have been assisted so far. Presently, 120 children are beneficiaries of this programme studying from Kindergarten to University level education.

‘‘Is not education the art of drawing out full manhood of the child under training’’

 - Mahathma Gandhi