Early Intervention Centre

For children with CP/MR & Associated Disabilities

The Early Intervention Centre is licensed and supported by the State Commissionerate for the Disabled, Government of Tamil Nadu. A combination of home-based, institution-based and eclectic service delivery models are followed for the children on a regular basis.



Early intervention in cases of cerebral palsy is crucial to help children overcome his or her disability. Although there is no cure for cerebral palsy, an early diagnosis gives a child the opportunity to find ways to overcome the challenges he or she will face due to the condition. Early Intervention is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. It focuses on helping eligible babies/toddlers to learn basic and new skills. It also aims to stimulate, educate, train, manage and support differently abled persons in their early life. It essentially refers to planned and organised efforts to enhance the development of children with difficulties or at risk of developing them and focuses on children from birth to six years of age..

The number of children  who have been under the umbrella of the Early Intervention System, aged 0 to 6 years, is 185 children. There have been 86 children over this age supported under a home-based system. In addition, 21 children have been integrated into normal schools and 20 into special schools, with 18 children in day care centres. Presently, 40 children are benefitting from services and 175 children are receiving maintenance grants from the Government.

One child who has been supported by the Centre is Elumalai from Edathanoor village, aged 4 years, who suffers from delayed development. He came to the Centre only able to sit. He was brought to the Centre regularly by his grandmother. His parents work for a daily wage in Chennai. With the regular implementation of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and stimulatory activities, he is now able to walk with the support of a walker and his receptive language has improved.