Childline 1098 - Tiruvannamalai

Tamil Nadu is world famous as a place of pilgrimage and meditation, with many people from around the world gathering in this town in search of peace and divinity. Usually in tourist places, child beggary is a major problem. To avoid this situation, Terre des hommes CORE started an initiative to help children involved in begging during the full moon day periods and yearly 10 day grand festival.

Through the guidance of the Indian Government Department of the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development and support from Terre des hommes ALSACE, France, the official programme, CHILDLINE 1098, was started from 2 February 2008. The CHILDLINE 1098 service is a 24- hour free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection. Its mission is to reach out to every child in need of care and protection to ensure their rights through the principles of ‘Connect’, ‘Catalyse’, ‘Collaborate’ and ‘Communicate’.

CHILDLINE 1098 aims to help children affected by abuse and violence, trafficking (for exploitation and/or sexual abuse), child labour, conflict with the law, child marriage, child sexual abuse, lack of parental care, being street children, armed conflicts, disabilities, drug abuse, HIV-AIDS infection, missing children and female children from various difficult situations.

As a result, child beggary has almost been eradicated in Tiruvannamalai town. At present, Tdh Core Trust is primarily involved in other aspects, including child marriage, children trafficked from the tribal areas, increasing awareness within the public in relation to child rights and assisting children with many other issues.

CHILDLINE 1098 has two wings operating in Tiruvannamalai District—the collaboration
centre where the 24-hour free emergency phone outreach service is operating and the sub centre in Jamunamarathur, which specialises in supporting and protecting children in the tribal areas from being trafficked or abused.

A total of 127 children have benefitted to date through CHILDLNE 1098. There have been 57 interventions (26 child trafficking, 30 school drop out children and 1 medical).