Child Rescue – Immediate Action on 11.07.2016

Sister & Brother aged around 5 & 3 kids are found roaming in the Railway Station of Polur, without the adult guidance.  The Police found that the children are in need of care and protection.  Immediately they dial to Childhelpline 1098,

Childhelpline 1098 team rushed to the place and received the children from the Railway Police and then produced before the Child Welfare Committee.  The children were placed in the children home as a place of safety.

While they came to our home, the children are not able to tell their parents address or contact details. The children are provided with child friendly approach, after some days, while discussion with the children the children are said a village name near Polur.

The staff team of the children home took the child to the said villages and after big effort the staff team found that the parents are living in very poor economic condition.  The parents are separated, living in different villages.

The children are identified their parents, as they are living with very poor living condition and broken family, the parents are willing to groom their children in the children home itself.