Our Organization

Terre des hommes Core (Children’s Organization for Relief and Education) Trust is a registered Indian Non Governmental /Child Welfare Organization (NGO), working for children in distress, for the rehabilitation of childen with disabilities and for children in need of care and protection.

Terre des hommes Core was started on 18 April, 1994, in a small rented building on the outskirts of Tiruvannamalai by Mr. Chezhian Ramu and Mr. Gerd Strehle, commencing with taking care of four begging, abandoned children and became an alternative family for children who have no families. From the day it started, Tdh Core has been working extensively in Tamil Nadu, developing various child welfare programs. Tdh Core focuses on child development through children’s rights, education, quality care, support and protection.

Presently, we work in 6 districts in Tamil Nadu – Tiruvannamalai, Salem, Dharmapuri, Cuddalore, Vellore and Kancheepuram. Our administrative base is in Tiruvannamalai, which is situated 180 km south west of Chennai and 100 km west of Pondicherry. Tiruvannamalai is known for its divine and eternal peace and is rich in traditional values.

Our Charter

Terre des hommes CORE Is created for the millions of children, who suffer or die in silence,

As long as one child remains hungry sick or in pain, Whoever and wherever he may be,
The movement Terre Des Hommes Core created for this reason Will pledge to his immediate and complete rescue, Having determined sought out the children

Terre des hommes Core will come to his aid in the way which responds Most closely to his distress in the community If circumstances permit or elsewhere if not

The child will therefore be fed cared and provided With a family and restored to a life worthy of his right as a child

Always assured of tender and competent support,

Free of any political, religious or ethnic bias,

Simply human being working for human being,

As an act of justice not condescension’s, in a spirit of

Self-effacement as close to personal anonymity as possible,

Terre des hommes Core will strive to alert and rally
Humanity around distress of countless children
Irrespective of their caste, religion, etc,

Founder’s Profile

Chezhian Ramu (b.1969) was born and educated in Chennai into an orthodox family. He was the only son of his family. When he lost his parents in a road accident in 1991, he moved to Tiruvannamalai in search of peace, love and affection. As he came across abandoned and begging children wandering in the streets of Tiruvannamalai, Chezhian compared his circumstances with those of the children’s, who were starving, not only for food, but also for shelter, protection and love. This awareness made him commit to the “lighting the life” of suffering children.