Terre des hommes CORE 

We provide direct aid to children free of religious, political or ethnic bias.We work with children  in distress, providing them with protection, care and rehabilitation. Our efforts are directed to protecting children from extreme poverty, sexual and work exploitation, diseases and violence. We work to make this world a better place for children, who are the foundations of our society.


Our children bring life to our homes. At TDH Core,  we have created ‘child friendly homes’ to provide, as much as possible, a family atmosphere, and to give the utmost care, protection, love and support to needy and neglected children . We have created living spaces where homeless children can feel secure, comfortable, and have opportunities to express and achieve their full potential.

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We engage closely with communities at multiple levels.  We work on various issues including disabilities, HIV/AIDS related issues, female infanticide, tribal education and development and preventing child trafficking, work exploitation. Every community based program addresses the specific needs of deprived children within the community.

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